20 April 2012

B Movie Posters Revised

Been going through some of the work I've done this school year and found the revised versions of my B Movie Poster, thought I'd repost them for you all. They all have spots for type but since it is not my strong suit I just left one poster with it.
Original Post


  1. I know you're the artist and you know what works best for your taste, but I personally would like these posters better if they had color. Even if it was like monochromatic where you just had pinks, reds, maroons, etc. I must say that those posters are still definitely awesome, however. I just would love to see color in them. Movie Lar Data Dare

    1. My girlfriend said she likes them better the way they are. Never mind what I said! Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks! I've never thought about them with color or anything but it's definitely an interesting idea.