30 March 2012

Janie Field Color Studies

Thought I'd post some quick color studies I did for one of my Janie pieces.

26 March 2012


Finished the little creature a few days ago but I wanted to see if I changed my mind about it before posting, but I don't think I have!

It's been a crazy past few days, I've been on the road with my family for most of it. First visiting my sisters would be college in the mountains of New York [so beautiful but very very isolated] and then back down here to Columbus to start the final stretch of classes before graduation. Scary and exciting! So hopefully more good things will be popping up around here for you all to see.

21 March 2012

Postcard WIP

Started working on a postcard for myself. This is what I have so far for one of the sides, but it is very much a work in progress. I've been sketching a little creature to be running through the trees and designing how the other side should look.

16 March 2012

Tommy Boy VS Old Gangster

Did a project recently with an old gangster from the 1920's and a young couple from the 1950s. Spring break is here now though, and the weather is suppose to be so nice for Ohio, very excited!

14 March 2012

Figure Drawing

What I did in class today. Had some troubles with this and got a little lost in it. [Yay no sleep and 8AM classes!] It was fun though.

11 March 2012

More Fixing Up

Another piece I went back and worked on a little bit more earlier this week!
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09 March 2012


So I went back this weekend and worked on some of my projects to make them better for my portfolio. Here are three of the ones I worked on from the flower shop!

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greenhouse original post
The greenhouse changed a lot! I'm really happy with the new changes.

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03 March 2012

Figure Drawing

Some 15 second gestures and a two session drawing from class this week!