19 August 2013


Woo! A lot has happened since my last post. Had a birthday and went on an amazing hiking trip in Utah.  It was probably one of my favorite hiking trips yet!  
But here is another character commission for someone.  It was interesting because they had a reference image they drew themselves for me to follow. For most of these little commissions I'm use to just character descriptions from people.
Anyways! Glad to be back to work after such a great trip. Will post more work soon. :]

03 August 2013

Awesome Twig

I found this twig while hiking and brought it back with me because I thought it looked like some sort of staff.

02 August 2013

LoTR Background Studies

Practicing more backgrounds, but this time they're from Lord of The Rings. :]
There will probably be more from LoTR just because New Zealand is awesome. It's just so hard to interrupt the movie even for a quick background study, ha!