24 December 2011



Sorry it's been a week since I posted. Got home from school last Saturday and as the last week before Christmas with the family it's always busy around here. [and I also decided to do some work out programs with a friend that were obviously for fit people not lazy college students. I don't think I've ever been this sore since my soccer days in high school!] Then the past two days alone I've done more running around and errands to last me the rest of the year! Haha.

But enough of that. I'm sure you are all busy with last minute Christmas preparations and shopping and family gatherings. So until I get something up next week here is one of the latest pages from my sketchbook.

I hope you all have a awesome Christmas tomorrow! [I know I'm excited to see the expression on my Dad's face at the gift my sister and I have been working on for the past month!] Merry Christmas and take care.

09 December 2011


Here's a spread from my Illustration sketchbook this semester. We did a journal type sketchbook with a list of topics with each sketch being done fairly quickly. This topic is a large public space. Weston-Super-Mare is a beach and large pier my family always goes to when we are visiting relatives in England. Most of my sketches have lots of hand done type on it for the journal aspect the teacher wanted, but I like this one without. Sorry for the strange match-up in the center but thats where the rings of my sketchbook were!

30 November 2011


When I was a kid I always wanted a treehouse. So here is the new piece I did for one of my classes. I definitely think I improved from the last landscape I did, [the one of the house on the hill from a couple of posts ago] but I still have a long way to go.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did but now I'm back at school for finals. No sleep for a while. Also, it's finally getting colder here too. Snows a coming, so excited!

30 September 2011

B Movie Posters

Here was one of the projects I worked on the past two weeks. My first idea is the first piece in this post but my teacher mentioned about trying out some pos/neg pieces with a centralized vampire creature. Since I don't usually do something like that I decided to take it as an extra exercise on the side. In the end my first idea flopped and is all sorts of messed up and the pos/neg pieces came out really well. These were suppose to be B movie posters with titles we got assigned. The title I got was "Attack Of The Bloodsucking Cave Vampires." The kind of empty spaces in each poster would be were the type would go.

11 July 2011

Mr. Owl

It's been so long since I've posted anything! Well tomorrow I have a day off work so I'm going to the zoo with my sister and a friend! Mighty fine thing to do on my day off I think. It has also been over a year or two since I've been to a zoo I think. But in my excitement I started to doodle this little guy in-between baking some cookies. [some failed experiments I might add too.]

In about a week I will be spending some time with my family in a cabin in the middle of the woods. Some hiking, swimming, tubing, white water rafting and taking tons of pictures. Can't wait!

31 May 2011

mermaid-y sketches

So it has been a while! Getting settled back at home and getting back into my summer job has definitely been a little tiring. It's going to be one long hot summer at my old summer job again this year. But hey! Poor college students need as much money as they can get! :]

Here are two sketches. The mermaid one is actually something I did at the end of school and the other is something I did the other night for a little bit before passing out after work. But both of these sketches kind of prelude to a project I've started working on recently!

04 May 2011

secret garden.

Second digital painting! [I'm having fun with this new media.]  Overall I'm pretty pleased with it considering the time I've had to work on it during finals and it only being my second one. [But of course there are some things I'd love to change with more time and practice.]

But here she is, Mary from the Secret Garden, a little illustration for one of my class finals.

29 April 2011

portrait sketches

This coming week is the dreaded week! Almost all my finals will be due at some point so its going to be non stop homework! Though, it will all be worth it for the final week of school with nothing to do but pack up my things and hang out with friends.

Until I can post some of my finals here are some sketches.

02 April 2011

28 February 2011

girl portraits.

Here are some portraits from my portrait drawing class. Learning a lot as always, but I'm excited about this week because we start using charcoal instead of graphite!

31 January 2011

egg project.

Since I wont have anything new to post for another week or so here is something from last semester.

We had to paint these three colored eggs realistically. I chose to paint in acrylics. This piece was different for me because I had never painted acrylics in this way before but I definitely liked it better than my previous way.