23 April 2012

Life Figure Drawing

Some drawings from class recently. The top one we had abut an hour and the bottom one about two classes.
Sorry about the quality of these ones, for some reason my camera settings are really messed up and I don't know why or how to fix them. [When I did try I believe I made them worse ha!] I need to find the reset button!

20 April 2012

B Movie Posters Revised

Been going through some of the work I've done this school year and found the revised versions of my B Movie Poster, thought I'd repost them for you all. They all have spots for type but since it is not my strong suit I just left one poster with it.
Original Post

19 April 2012

Fox & The Lost River Boys

What happens when I decide I want to draw some animals at the same time as being really excited for a bluegrass concert.

16 April 2012

Janie Color Key WIP

Here is a very tiny snippet of a much larger painting I've been working on the past few days.  It's going to be a color key of sorts for the first half of Janie's story.  Hopefully it will be done soon!

13 April 2012

Smushed Face Cat

And this is what happens when I'm bored and have almost half an hour left at work! Drew the two friends I've basically just spent everyday of the past four years with. [Plus my friends boyfriend because she was unhappy with how she was turning out. Ha!]

12 April 2012

Pretending to be a cowgirl!

The other quick cleanup I did for my cafe sketch homework the other night!

11 April 2012

Sleeping On the Job

This is part of my cafe sketch homework. We had to take 1 or 2 of our, very large, all about that shoulder movement, gestures from class yesterday and clean them up a bit. Did my two while watching Matilda last night on TV.  I haven't seen that movie since I was a kid, but Trunchbull is still just as scary! Especially when she chases Matilda and Mss Honey around that house! I definitely wouldn't want to be them.

07 April 2012


Did this little sketch for a little warm up earlier today.  Besides class I haven't done much work these past two days, so I felt like I needed to get back in the swing of things here. Lots to do!

04 April 2012

Life Figure Drawings

Here's a few example's of what's been happing in figure drawing lately. Mostly 15 second warm ups and 2-3 session drawings.

Excuse the crinkly pages! I bought a brand new sketch pad for class and the next day it completely fell apart, yeah! So now I'm always dropping it and all my pages fall everywhere. At least it makes life just that more interesting at 8AM. And life as a student goes on. :]

01 April 2012

Janie Field Final

One of the projects I worked on yesterday. I kind of combined aspects of the two sunset color studies I worked on in the previous post.

Oh! And happy April 1st everyone! [I'm extra excited because I've got a fun concert to go to tonight.]