23 October 2010

head studies.

For one of my illustration classes we had to take two artists and do 5x5 inch head studies. I definitely learned a lot. I like the way I painted both of these pieces, but my drawing skills need some work. For some reason I draw everything I do longer and thinner than it actually is. But over all I'm very happy with them both. They were both done in acrylic.

JC Leyendecker Study

Peter de Seve Study

18 October 2010

Sargent watercolor study.

Quick watercolor study of John Singer Sargent's watercolor Lake Louise, Canadian Rockies.

Studying some masters in class and crying at how good they are. I personally love Sargent's watercolors as much as his oils. I think we will be doing another master study tomorrow. This one was done pretty quickly so I chose a more simple landscape painting of his. Tomorrow I'll probably pick a piece a little more difficult. This copy is really no where near how loose and detailed the original is. I'm okay with the mountains, but not so much the foliage and water.

12 October 2010


Here's another watercolor. For class today we had to go out to the library again and paint a landscape. I chose a simpler subject so I could try and paint darker with more "pigaments" as my teacher would say. And look I did! Showed him I'm not afraid of those "pigaments" anymore. :] Now that I have courage I just have to get better at technique and style.

So it looks like all I've been posting is watercolors but I promise to post more different types of projects soon. Lately I've been sketching a whole heck of a lot more but that's because I'm trying to change my sketching style to be more loose and alive looking. Once I achieve that I might post some sketches. For being half way through the semester I really don't have any other projects to post just yet...but I'm sure in a few weeks that will change. Plus I've been slowly working on some of my own stuff as well lately. :]

And a side note...I need to learn how to either scan better or learn to take better pictures of my watercolors because these pictures are all so washed out looking.