12 October 2010


Here's another watercolor. For class today we had to go out to the library again and paint a landscape. I chose a simpler subject so I could try and paint darker with more "pigaments" as my teacher would say. And look I did! Showed him I'm not afraid of those "pigaments" anymore. :] Now that I have courage I just have to get better at technique and style.

So it looks like all I've been posting is watercolors but I promise to post more different types of projects soon. Lately I've been sketching a whole heck of a lot more but that's because I'm trying to change my sketching style to be more loose and alive looking. Once I achieve that I might post some sketches. For being half way through the semester I really don't have any other projects to post just yet...but I'm sure in a few weeks that will change. Plus I've been slowly working on some of my own stuff as well lately. :]

And a side note...I need to learn how to either scan better or learn to take better pictures of my watercolors because these pictures are all so washed out looking.

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