27 February 2012

Different Janie's

Here are the three slightly different versions of Janie's I came up with to figure out hair and clothes. These are the second round of figuring her out. [Now she has long hair and not dressed so fancy.] I'm still leaning towards the one in the center, the one I posted already, but we'll see what happens today at my meeting. She may just change yet again! I know the moon goddess sketches I did and ferrets more than will. :]

25 February 2012


An idea of what the little girl that will be one of the main stars in a new project I'll be working on throughout the semester will look like. She will also be accompanied eventually by a companion ferret. [just because ferrets are so funny!]

24 February 2012

Figure Drawings

Thought I post some of the things I've been doing in figure drawing this semester. Here are some 15 second gestures, 5 minute drawings, 1 hour, 2 hour and almost 4 hour drawings. I was really bad at the gesture drawings at the start of this semester but I can see a huge difference after just a few weeks!

19 February 2012

Sonya & Buster

Last post for the flower shop project I completed. This was a rough idea of how I thought the girl [Sonya] and her dog [Buster] would look.

17 February 2012

Flower Shop

The flower shop from my flower shop project for class!

So happy today is friday. Now that class is over it's time to sleep/enjoy the sunshine/go crazy on new projects. :]

16 February 2012

15 February 2012

Little Van

Played around with a van this morning for my flower project.

14 February 2012

More Birdcages

Here are some more birdcages for the flower shop project I've been working on!

07 February 2012


Thought I'd post some color studies of a project I'm working on. Lots of birds and flowers hopefully coming up.