23 December 2013

21 October 2013


Some more witches. Been in a witchy mood lately. Must be the coming Halloween!

18 October 2013

For Others

A warm up sketch and two commissions I've done recently.
On another note, I might go apple picking this weekend. Excited!!

15 October 2013


I used to see these guys in my front yard at home all the time.  Missing home today!

08 October 2013


Candy land! One of my favorite games when I was a kid. :]
[Back from my trip so back to ABCs!]

16 September 2013


Pink Lemonade Beach Babes.
Tonight is my last night in LA for a bit. I'll be on a plane home tomorrow to visit my family and go to my best friends wedding. So excited!

09 September 2013


A super talented friend of mine, Rico Jackson, and I are doing a little ABC challenge. Each week we will post something inspired by a letter. So week #1 with A! Check out Rico's page for some awesome A inspired characters. :]

19 August 2013


Woo! A lot has happened since my last post. Had a birthday and went on an amazing hiking trip in Utah.  It was probably one of my favorite hiking trips yet!  
But here is another character commission for someone.  It was interesting because they had a reference image they drew themselves for me to follow. For most of these little commissions I'm use to just character descriptions from people.
Anyways! Glad to be back to work after such a great trip. Will post more work soon. :]

03 August 2013

Awesome Twig

I found this twig while hiking and brought it back with me because I thought it looked like some sort of staff.

02 August 2013

LoTR Background Studies

Practicing more backgrounds, but this time they're from Lord of The Rings. :]
There will probably be more from LoTR just because New Zealand is awesome. It's just so hard to interrupt the movie even for a quick background study, ha!

21 July 2013

Little Art Dump

So I've just gotten back from my second camping trip this month! Completely awesome and inspiring and relaxing and eye opening. Hopefully I will have some new work to post soon, but for now here's some that I never got around to posting before my trips. :]

27 June 2013

Ninja Hop!

Another one of those sketches I was talking about in the last post.

24 June 2013


Ooops. So today I noticed that a lot of the sketches I've done these past few days have woman pointing and looking in the same general direction.  Here are two examples, ha!

18 June 2013


Some early thoughts on the project in the previous post.

12 June 2013


I've been working on a new personal project!
Hopefully I'll have more information and work to post soon. In the mean time, here are some tree sketches from it. :]

31 May 2013


Yes, guilty…I did a few drawings of Pokemon fusions today. [They are just so much fun!]

23 May 2013

Fields From P&P

I watched Pride & Prejudice today [I'm a sap!] and decided to draw some of the fields to mess around with some brushes. Such a pretty movie!

22 May 2013


Got carried away with a warm-up earlier today.  Funny to see how different this one is from the previous post that is also a warm-up.  The music I listen to really effects my art I guess!

16 May 2013


Morning sketch!
Lazy day afternoon naps in a hammock sound so nice.

08 May 2013


Hello! Here is a little character commission I did in my spare time recently.

02 April 2013

Night Backgrounds

One of the things I've been working on lately are coloring a handful of backgrounds for Ashley Armstrong's short film Swan Song.  It's been a lot of fun since I had to change the way I painted a bit to fit the project.  I can't wait to see the finished short!

19 March 2013

Forget Me Not

Sketching in between work. I LOVE flowers, I'm such a girl.

06 February 2013


Recently I got a request to do someone's pastel goth character. I'd never even really heard of pastel goth, shows how much I know, but it looked interesting. 
Anyways, it was pretty fun!